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European Dance Music
Gatherer's Grand Collection Volume 1 Published June 2021Pages: 20Tunes: 33

Tunes in European Dance Music:

  • A Stuckle fur de Ruedl (Austria)
  • Allemande (Holland)
  • Amoureuse (Belgium)
  • Balsa Rastreira (Portugal)
  • Brudemarch fra Jokkmokk (Denmark)
  • Cigansey Tanec (Slovakia)
  • Contra-Danca (Portugal)
  • Den Toppede Hone (Denmark)
  • Djurdjevacka Polka (Croatia)
  • Flikuleeri (Finland)
  • Ghosh Bilezic (Armenia)
  • Groddavalsen (Sweden)
  • Harju Loss (Estonia)
  • Hopachock (Russia)
  • Il Malteje (Malta)
  • Kantelemarssi (Finland)
  • Kulsko Horo (Bulgaria)
  • Laznoto (Turkey)
  • Lefkadikitos (Greece)
  • Maklott (Luxemburg)
  • Mandro ce Dragoste-Avem (Romania)
  • Polka (Lithuania)
  • Polka de l'Aveyron (France)
  • Polka du Capitaine (France)
  • Polka Dziadkowska (Poland)
  • Reinlender av Ender Bleie (Norway)
  • Scottish (Italy)
  • Tanz von der Alb (Germany)
  • Trull Masolke (Switzerland)
  • Tushuri (Georgia)
  • Txankarrenku (Basque Country)
  • Tyrkaranio (Iceland)
  • Udaranje U Sare (Hungary)

EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY has its own unique culture and traditions, and celebrates them to a greater or lesser degree. By exploring the dance music of other cultures we tap into a vein of tradition stretching back generations, and we may be inspired to discover our own. This selection is merely a glimpse into European dance music, but hopefully it will be a rewarding one for you.

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 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |