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Manx Traditional Music for Sessions

David Speers has compiled a wonderful collection of tunes from the Isle of Man, arranged in sets. In addition, his background notes, history and introduction to Manx traditional music and dance is invaluable, and serves as the ideal companion to anyone interested in finding out more about this fascinating culture.

Manx Traditional Music for Sessions Published: July 2013Pages: 100Tunes: 60

Tunes in Manx Traditional Music for Sessions:

  • Traa va me Aeg ayns Rhumsaa
  • Little Dick Weldon
  • Moghrey Laa Boaldyn
  • beggan as ny Veggan
  • Thurot as Elliot
  • Gyn Ennym
  • The Fathaby Jig
  • Three Little Boats
  • Poghey dy Reenaghyn
  • My Shenn Ayr
  • Keep the Old Petticoat Warm
  • Car y Phoosee
  • Moghrey Mie as Maynrys
  • Arrane Varree
  • Haste to the West
  • The Old Red Petticoat
  • Hop tu Naa
  • Caine's Jig
  • Creg Willy Syl
  • Moirrey ny Gainle
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  • Here Comes Tom Dukes-a-Riding
  • Jemmy and Nancy
  • Hunt the Wren
  • Hie Mee Stiagh
  • The Girls of Balladoole
  • Ta Cashen Ersooyl
  • Colbagh Breck
  • Bee er dthy Hooie
  • Car Juan Nan
  • The Ploughboy's Song
  • Eunysagh Vona
  • One Moonlight Night
  • Car ny ferrishyn
  • Jig yn Dhorrys
  • Mona's Delight
  • Abraham Juan
  • Shegin Dooin
  • Ny Baarliagh ec Juan
  • Murran sy'Vainney
  • The Son of God they did Betray
  • Berree Dhone
  • The Golden Glove
  • Car ny Rankee
  • Chyndaa yn Bwooilley
  • Betsy Baker
  • Step Dance
  • Lhiggey Lhiggey
  • Upon a Sunday Morning
  • Peter O'Tavy
  • Illiam Boght
  • Kiark catreeney Marroo
  • Arrane y Chloiedyr Viol
  • The Wandescope
  • My Love Is Like the Sun
  • Arrane Ghelby
  • I Once Loved a Lady
  • Inneen Kilkenny
  • At First When My True Love I Seen
  • Marish ny Fiddleryn
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