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Crieff Community Music
 Nigel Gatherer's Crieff Community Music
Crieff Community Music

Crieff Community Band

The best way of paying (for me) is to do it digitally, by bank transfer or paypal, or card. You can use the details below to do this, or I can bring a card reader to the hall. If you'd rather not use any of these methods, pay by cheque or cash.

Credit/debit card or Paypal: Bank transfer:
(Each CCB session costs £6.00; if you
wish to pay for more than one session, change the number in the quantity box)


Nigel Gatherer Business Account
My sort Code:    87-44-31
My account No:   78170068
Quick payment through paypal: By post:
 Nigel Gatherer
8 Mitchell Street
Crieff PH7 3AG

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |