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Crieff Community Music
Crieff Community Band
CCB Sets

Crieff Community Band currently uses a series of "sets". You can download the tune pages individually or use the links at the top of each list to download books containing whole sets.

 C.C.B. Sets 1-3
1-01 MacRosty Park 2-06 Mr & Mrs MacLean
1-02 Lindisfarne 2-07 Willafjord/Spootiskerry
1-03 St Mary's Polka/Church Street 2-08 Tighnabruaich
1-04 Sarah 2-09 Pride of Erin
1-05 Edwin Flaws of Wyre 2-10 Tom Sullivan's Polka
1-06 The Lammas Tide 3-01 Battle of Waterloo
1-07 Of A' the Airts 3-02 Bruce's Address
1-08 Memories of Fr Angus 3-03 Dave's Waltzes
1-09 Scottish Waltzes 3-04 Lord Randall's Bride
1-10 The New High Level 3-05 The Burning of Crieff
2-01 Irish Jigs (Brennan's) 3-06 Fr John MacMillan of Barra
2-02 The Air Tune 3-07 Farley Bridge
2-03 Horsburgh Castle 3-08 The Rowan Tree
2-04 The Minstrel Boy 3-09 Miss Rowan Davies
2-05 Looking for a Partner 3-10 Virginia Reel

 C.C.B. Sets 4-6
4-01 Barren Rocks 5-06
4-02 Lindisfarne 5-07
4-03 Black Mountain Air 5-08
4-04 Highland Cradle Song 5-09
4-05 Irish Reels 1 5-10
4-06 Strathearn 6-01 Bonnie Galloway
4-07 Scottish Jigs 1 6-02 East at Glendart
4-08 Morris 1 6-03 Flower o' the Quern
4-09 Loch Katrine's Lady 6-04 Shetland Reels 1
4-10 The Hopeful Lover 6-05 Rory MacLeod
5-01 6-06 Mo Chaillin Dileas Donn
5-02 McKechnie's Farewell 6-07 Castles in the Air
5-03 The Old Rustic Bridge/Headlands 6-08 Farewell to Whisky
5-04 The Gathering/The Soup Dragon 6-09 Bonnie At Morn
5-05 6-10 The Glenside Polkas

 C.C.B. Folksong Set
S-01 The Jeely Piece Song S-11 Donal Don
S-02 Niel Gow's Apprentice S-12 The Wild Rover
S-03 Both Sides the Tweed S-13 The Gallowa' Hills
S-04 Come By the Hills S-14 Jock Stewart
S-05 Follow the Heron S-15 The Balena
S-06 Leezie Lindsay S-16 Wild Mountain Thyme
S-07 All the Tunes in the World S-17 Ye Jacobites By Name
S-08 Rolling Home S-18
S-09 Rolling Hills of the Borders S-19
S-10 We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' S-20

 C.C.B. Morris Set
M-01 Constant Billy M-06 Banbury Bill
M-02 Idbury Hill M-07 Princess Royal
M-03 Hunting the Squirrel M-08
M-04 Ring o' Bells M-09
M-05 Monk's March M-10

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