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Crieff Community Music
Last update:
9th April 2024
Crieff Community Band
CCB Sets

Crieff Community Band currently uses a series of "sets". You can download the tune pages individually or use the links at the top of each list to download books containing whole sets. Tunes which we regard as "core repertoire" are marked in red.

Sets 1-3      Sets 4-6      Ceilidh Set      Folksong Set      Morris Set
 C.C.B. Sets 1-3

1-01 Roses of Prince Charlie 2-06 Mr & Mrs MacLean
1-02 Lindisfarne 2-07 Willafjord/Spootiskerry
1-03 St Mary's Polka/Church Street 2-08 Tighnabruaich
1-04 June Clover 2-09 Pride of Erin
1-05 Edwin Flaws of Wyre 2-10 Tom Sullivan's Polka
1-06 The Lammas Tide 3-01 Battle of Waterloo
1-07 Of A' the Airts 3-02 Bruce's Address
1-08 The Battle Is O'er 3-03 Dave's Waltzes
1-09 Scottish Waltzes 3-04 Lord Randall's Bride
1-10 The New High Level 3-05 The Burning of Crieff
2-01 Irish Jigs (Brennan's) 3-06 Fr John MacMillan of Barra
2-02 The Air Tune 3-07 Farley Bridge
2-03 Horsburgh Castle 3-08 The Rowan Tree
2-04 The Minstrel Boy 3-09 Miss Rowan Davies
2-05 Campbelltown Kiltie Ball 3-10 The Sound of Sleat

 C.C.B. Sets 4-6

4-01 Barren Rocks 5-06 The Kirks/Old Grey Cat
4-02 Greenwoodside 5-07 Miss Drummond of Perth
4-03 Black Mountain Air 5-08 Meeting of the Waters
4-04 Highland Cradle Song 5-09 The Leaving of Liverpool
4-05 Irish Reels 1 5-10 WW1 Medley
4-06 Strathearn 6-01 Bonnie Galloway
4-07 Scottish Jigs 1 6-02 East at Glendart
4-08 Morag Haig-Thomas 6-03 Flower o' the Quern
4-09 Loch Katrine's Lady 6-04 Shetland Reels 1
4-10 The Hopeful Lover 6-05 Rory MacLeod
5-01 The Corporal set 6-06 Mo Chaillin Dileas Donn
5-02 McKechnie's Farewell 6-07 Castles in the Air
5-03 MacPherson's Lament 6-08 Farewell to Whisky
5-04 The Gathering/The Soup Dragon 6-09 Bonnie At Morn
5-05 Westering Home set 6-10 The Glenside Polkas

 C.C.B. Ceilidh Dance Set

C-01 MacRosty Park set C-11 The Highland Wedding
C-02 Brig o' Blair set C-12 Fear A Bhata set
C-03 Old Rustic Bridge set C-13 Bluebells of Scotland set
C-04 Dear Old Donegal set C-14 Strip the Willow 1a
C-05 Looking for a Partner C-15 Strip the Willow 1b
C-06 Sarah C-16 The Drunken Piper set
C-07 Cradle Song set C-17 Virginia Reel set
C-08 Dashing White Sergeant set C-18 When Irish Eyes set
C-09 Miss Campbell of Saddell set C-19 Morag Made the Wedding set
C-10 Memories of Father Angus set C-20 Crieff Community Band March

 C.C.B. Folksong Set
S-01 The Jeely Piece Song S-11 Donal Don
S-02 Niel Gow's Apprentice S-12 The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede
S-03 Both Sides the Tweed S-13 The Gallowa' Hills
S-04 Come By the Hills S-14 Jock Stewart
S-05 Follow the Heron S-15 The Balena
S-06 Leezie Lindsay S-16 Wild Mountain Thyme
S-07 All the Tunes in the World S-17 Ye Jacobites By Name
S-08 Rolling Home S-18 MacPherson’s Lament
S-09 Rolling Hills of the Borders S-19 Ugliest Man in Glasgow
S-10 We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' S-20 Inveraray Summer Nights

 C.C.B. Morris Set
M-01 Constant Billy M-06 Banbury Bill
M-02 Idbury Hill M-07 Princess Royal
M-03 Hunting the Squirrel M-08
M-04 Ring o' Bells M-09
M-05 Monk's March M-10

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