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Crieff Community Music
Crieff Community Band
Location St Andrews Halls
Day/Time Friday, 7-9pm
Latest update 24 Feb '24 11am

Crieff Community Band is a group of amateur local musicians who meet and build up a repertoire of music with the intention, eventually, of performing in the local community.

The emphasis is on Scottish music, but we will add occasional pieces from further afield at times. All musicians are welcome, but you should have a basic grasp of your instrument. If you play smallpipes you should have another instrument as well - e.g. whistle - because not all of our pieces will fit on the bagpipe scale.


The music that we play is arranged in a number of sets each consisting of ten pages of tunes. The tunes we're going to practise each week are given in the schedule below. To access individual tunes or multiple sets, visit the CCB Sets page.

Term B (Jan-Mar 2024)
Date No. Tunes
19/1 B1  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
2-5: Campbelltown Kilty Ball
1-1: Roses of Prince Charlie1-5: Edwin Flaws of Wyre
2-4: Minstrel Boy2-8: Tighnabruaich
C-1: MacRosty Park setC-5: Looking for a Partner
26/1 B2  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
1-8: The Battle is O'er
2-9: Pride of Erin2-10: Tom Sullivan's Polka
3-1: Battle of Waterloo2-5: Campbelltown Kilty Ball
C-10: Memories of Fr Angus1-2: Lindisfarne
2/2 B3  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
1-10: The New High Level
3-2: Bruce's Address3-8: The Rowan Tree
1-8: Battle is O'er3-9: Miss Rowan Davies
1-3: St Mary's Polka1-6: The Lammas Tide
9/2 B4  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
2-3: Horsburgh Castle
3-10: The Sound of Sleat1-10: The New High Level
4-1: Barren Rocks4-2: Greenwoodside
1-7: Of A' the Airts1-9: Scottish Waltzes
16/2 B5  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
3-4: Lord Randall's Bride
2-5: Campbelltown Kilty Ball1-8: Battle is O'er
1-10: The New High Level2-3: Horsburgh Castle
2-1: Brennan's2-2: The Air Tune
23/2 B6  Main set:
Other sets:

1-2: Lindisfarne
1-3: St Mary's Polka1-5: Edwin Flaws
1-6: The Lammas Tide2-6: Mr & Mrs MacLean
3-10: Sound of Sleat1-8: The Battle's O'er
1/3 B7  Main set:
Other sets:

Core tunes:
4-7: Scottish Jigs
3-4: Lord Randall's Bride3-7: Farley Bridge
1-6: The Lammas Tide4-4: Highland Cradle Song
3-5: Burning of Crieff2-1: Brennan's
8/3 B8  Main set:
Other sets:
Core tunes:
15/3 B9  Main set:
Other sets:
Core tunes:
22/3 B10  Main set:
Other sets:
Core tunes:

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