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Monday Slow Session
Location in Person/Online *
Day/Time Monday, 6.30-7.05
Latest update 18 Feb '24 3pm

For the past twenty years I have run a slow session before the Monday evening classes at the GFW classes, looked forward to by everyone taking part. Each week we particularly concentrate on a specific tune, and then play through some of our regular slow session tunes, also available below. I realised that the participants preferred to know what we were doing in advance, so they can prepare by practising or listening, so that has been a feature of the session.

* The session will be mostly held in person at the classes in Glasgow, but anyone can join online using Zoom. Use the button below to join between 6.30 and 7.05pm on Mondays.

Attending the Session
 Join Session
Meeting ID:  916 0015 6949
Passcode:  GFW-SlowS

All the tunes we do at the session are listed below, and the tunes were are doing on a particular evening are listed beside the date of the session. A comprehensive list of tunes that are played at the Wednesday Slow Session is given at the bottom of the page. You can download the tunes we're doing in the session by clicking the image on the right. Any problems, comments or questions, email me.

Session Schedule
     Term C (Jan - Mar 2024)
15/1 Ca
Main tune: Calon Lan
Plus: Ger the Rigger setThe Cradle SongLoch Torridon set
Invercauld setWhy Left I My Home set
22/1 Cb
Main tune: The Thistle and the Rose
Plus: Donachd Head setThe Island I Left setThe Navvy set
Cawdor Fair setBallachulish GlenMarch of the GFW
29/1 Cc
Main tune: The Memory Waltz
Plus: Johnny Will You Marry MeThe Island I Left setLiberty
Forneth HouseGlendaruel Highlanders
5/2 Cd
Main tune: Monzievaird Hall
Plus: Mairi's WeddingThe Bear DanceHuntingtone Castle
Da Peerie Hoose setMist Covered Mountains
12/2 C1
Featuring: High Road to Gairloch setRoad to Lisdoonvarna setFarewell to Govan
Davie Davie Knick Knack setHector the HeroMcKechnie's Farewell
19/2 C2
Main tune: Down By the Salley Gardens
Plus: Mairi's WeddingKelvingrove setJohn McAlpine
Mist Covered MountainsSpootiskerry
19/2 C3
Main tune: The Skye Boat Song
Plus: Glenside PolkasBratach BanaThe Navvy
Lucy Farr's BarndanceRowing from Islay
26/2 C4
Main tune: Lovely Stornoway
Plus: Roll Her On the HillTop of Ben LomondSkye Boat Song
Before I Marry setO Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie
4/3 C5
Main tune: Leaving Lismore
Plus: Lovely StornowayJohnny Todd setBarrowburn Reel
The Dark IslandThe Bear Dance
11/3 C6
Main tune: Britches Full of Stitches
Plus: March of the GFWLoch Torridon setFarewell to Govan
The Dark IslandCawdor Fair set
11/3 C7
Main tune: If I Had Maggie in the Woods
Plus: Britches Full of StitchesStronsay Waltz setKelvingrove
Fig for a KissLovely Stornoway set
     Term A (Aug - Oct 2023)
28/8 A1
Featuring: Ger the Rigger setThe Cradle SongLoch Torridon set
Ballachulish GlenMarch of the GFWMairi's Wedding
4/9 A2
Main tune: The Eternal Surge of the Sea
Plus: The Bear DanceRoll Her On the Hill
I'll Tell Me MaA Fig for a KissKelvingrove
11/9 A3
Main tune: I Am Here Alone
Plus: Eternal Surge of the SeaMemories of Fr AngusHector the Hero
Glenside PolkasThe Shepherd's Wife
18/9 A4
Main tune: The High Road to Gairloch
Tunes: Eternal Surge setHector the Hero
A Fig for a KissFlatwater FranBallachulish Glen
25/9 X1
Tunes: Ca' the YowesFor A' That setThe Rowan TreeMo Mathair
Da Peerie Hoose setMerrily Kissed the Quaker setAnnie Laurie
2/10 A5
Main tune: Highland Laddie
Plus: The High Road to GairlochEternal Surge set
Maggie West's WaltzRoad to LisdoonvarnaGer the Rigger set
9/10 A6
Main tune: Farewell to Govan
Plus: The High Road to Gairloch setEternal Surge set
The Cradle SongLoch Torridon setBallachulish Glen
16/10 -- Holiday - no session
23/10 A7 Main tune: McKechnie's Farewell
Plus: Farewell to GovanThe High Road to Gairloch set
Eternal Surge setMarch of the GFWMairi's Wedding
     Term B (Nov - Dec 2023)
30/10 B1 Main tune: Jack Broke da Prison
Plus: McKechnie's FarewellThe Bear DanceRoll Her On the Hill
I'll Tell Me MaThe High Road to Gairloch set
6/11 B2 Main tune: Donald Blue
Plus: Jack Broke da Prison DoorFarewell to Govan
A Fig for a KissKelvingroveMemories of Fr Angus
13/11 B3 Main tune: Sleep Soond ida Moarnin
Plus: Jack Broke da Prison Door/Donald BlueEternal Surge set
Hector the HeroGlenside Polkas
20/11 B4 Main tune: Davie Davie Knick Knack
Plus: Jack Broke da Prison Door setThe High Road to Gairloch
The Shepherd's WifeA Fig for a Kiss
27/11 B5 Main tune: The Deveron Reel
Plus: Davie Davie Knick KnackMcKechnie's Farewell
Flatwater FranFarewell to GovanGlenside Polkas
4/12 B6 Session
Featuring: High Road to Gairloch setRoad to Lisdoonvarna setFarewell to Govan
and: Davie Davie Knick Knack setEternal Surge setMcKechnie's Farewell
11/12 B7 Big Session
Common session tunes:
High Road to Gairloch setRoad to Lisdoonvarna setFarewell to Govan

g01. Ger the Rigger set
g02. The Cradle Song
g03. Loch Torridon set
g04. Invercauld set
g05. Why Left I My Home set
g06. Donachd Head/Jamie Rae
g07. The Islands
g08. Navvies
g09. Cawdor Fair set
g10. Ballachulish Glen
g11. March of the GFW
g12. Johnny Will You Marry Me
g13. Liberty
g14. Forneth House
g15. Glendaruel Highlanders set
g16. Lucy Farr's set
g17. Mairi's Wedding set
g18. Rowing from Islay to Uist
g19. Jeannie's Blue Een set
g20. The Bear Dance
g21. Huntingtone Castle
g22. Da Peerie Hoose set
g23. Mist Covered Mountains
g24. Roll Her On the Hill set
g25. Top of Ben Lomond set
g26. Before I Marry set
g27. O Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie
g28. Johnny Todd set
g29. I'll Tell Me Ma set
g30. Isle of Mull set
g31. Mount Stuart House set
g32. Glasgow Highlanders set
g33. Fisherman's Song
g34. Laura-Beth's Polka set
g35. A Fig for a Kiss
g36. Kelvingrove set
g37. John McAlpine set
g38. Hot Punch
g39. Miss Gayton's/Cooper's
g40. Old Time Wedding Reels
g41. Dunkeld Volunteers set
g42. Eternal Surge set
03. Memories of Fr Angus
05. Snug in a Blanket set
07. Hector the Hero
12. Glenside Polkas
30. Shepherd's Wife set
33. Pulling Bracken set
35. High Road to Linton set
40. The Dark Island
61. Haughton House
e02. Flatwater Fran
e07. Calum's Road set
e12. McKechnie's Farewell
e18. Maggie West's set
i07. Road to Lisdoonvarna set
VSS Donald Blue set set
VSS The Barrowburn Reel
VSS Davie Davie Knick Knack
VSS Angus MacLeod set
VSS The Galway Hornpipe

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