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 The Gathering in Crieff
TG09 Tunebook

Your ticket for The Gathering in Crieff 09 is a tunebook consisting of all the tunes we're going to play on the day. Every participant gets a printed book as a memento of the event, but there are other books available to download for you to print off yourselves if you wish, or use on a tablet. There will be books of mandolin tablature, others with harmony parts, and so on. If you require the music in any other form of notation, please let me know (send me an email)

1 The Gatherin' Squaredance
2 Miss Rowan Davies
3 Among Friends
4 Madeleine's Polka
Hellen's Polka
Pauline's Polka
5 Margaret's Waltz
Waltz of the Little Girls
6 Doddie's Dream
7 Hai Zumba Zai
8 Bedford Cross
The Bicycle
9 The Sleeping Tune
The Soup Dragon
10 Off to California
The Liverpool Hornpipe
11 Spootiskerry
12 Niel Gow's Apprentice
13 Leaving Uist
Over to Uist
14 Da Slockit Light
Aandowin at da Bow
15 Staten Island
Kitchen Girl
16 Rhubarb and Ginger
The Swaggering Jig
17 Night in that Land
18 The Brolum
19 My Cape Breton Home
20 Pokare Kare Ana
21 I'se the Bye
Newfoundland Spring
22 Cape Fear
23 March from "A Little Suite"
24 Melrose Abbey

 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |