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The Gathering in Crieff
The Gathering 09 (2023)
Location Crieff
Date Sat, May 20th
Latest update 17 May '23 5pm

20th May 2023: The Gathering is back! After swithering for a while, wondering whether to revive my annual congress of musicians in Crieff, I realised that a lot of people have been hoping I would. I was also unsure about a venue. Well, I've taken the plunge, hired a new venue (St Andrews Church Halls, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff PH7 3AQ), and I'm fully committed to The Gathering 09, in May 2023.

The Gathering 2012


Booking is NOW OPEN. There are 80 places, and it's essential to book. The cost is £28.00, and you can make sure of your place by paying an £8 deposit, or pay the full amount. Go to the booking page for further details.

The Music

The music that we'll play on the day is contained within a tunebook, a printed copy of which everyone will receive. However, there are copies of the book which can be downloaded now in various formats (mandolin tab, harmonies, etc).

As bookings come in, I'll add people's names to the list so that you can see if your friends are going.

The Participants
Places:   80 Places left:   16
Adelheid Cooney
Alison Schreiber
Alison Shannon
Allan Sturrock
Ally Dickson
Andrew Norris
Anne Wallace
Annette Rawson
Archie Howitt
Bill Craigie
Bill Wallace
Brigid Daniel
Cath Montgomery
Cathy Davidson
Cathy Lewis
Charlie Kennedy
Chris Mahony
Christine Clark
Dave McKeggie
Davey Strachan
David Black
David Williamson
Derek Mullins
Derek Shannon
Diane Mullins
Donald Easton
Eilidh Klemm
George Davidson
Gordon Skinner
Graham Madeley
Helen Quigley
Hellen MacPherson
Hilda Scott
Ian Bain
Ian Elder
Iris Howitt
Jan Russell
Janet Bain
Jean Campbell
Jeff Scott
Jane Culpan
John Culbert
John Lewis
John Shaw
John Young
Judith Tod
Ken McAra
Marie-Elaine Maguire
Margaret Potter
Mike Dixon
Myles Lobjoie
Philip Cooney
Rosemary Campbell
Peter Beaven
Sarah Nelson
Tom Benton
Tom Fernie
Tom Inglis
Tom McCutcheon
Tom Ogston
Tom Robertson
Valerie McCutcheon
Vic Ramage
Vicky Pearson

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