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 The Gathering in Crieff
The Gathering 09 (2023)

20th May 2023: The Gathering is back! After swithering for a while, wondering whether to revive my annual congress of musicians in Crieff, I realised that a lot of people have been hoping I would. I was also unsure about a venue. Well, I've taken the plunge, hired a new venue (St Andrews Church Halls, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff PH7 3AQ), and I'm fully committed to The Gathering 09, in May 2023.

The Gathering 2012


Booking will open around the beginning of April, and full details of cost, number of places, etc, will be available then. If you would like to be kept informed of progress, or if you wish to let me know that you're keen to attend, drop me a line.

The Music

Over the next few weeks I'll be deciding on the music which we'll play on the day. Then I'll print the book, which will serve as your ticket to the event. If you'd like to suggest tunes which you'd like to see on the list, now is your chance!

The Participants

As bookings come in, I'll add people's names to the list so that you can see if your friends are going.

 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |