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Nigel Gatherer's Community Learning Classes
 Nigel Gatherer's Community Learning Classes
Crieff Community Music
Beginners Ukulele
Location St Andrews Halls
Day/Time Friday, 5.30pm
Latest update 25 Apr '22 11am

The beginners class is for those who haven't played before, or have played a wee bit and need a refresher. Once you're on your way - can play a few chords and strum away with the best of them - you move up to the Improvers Ukulele class.

To arrange beginners lessons, you must contact me ( and we'll discuss when you can start. Each class costs £3.00. In the meantime, download the tutorial pages (see below) and see if you can make any sense of them. There's a couple of songs to get you started as well.


  • Ukulele: First Steps 1 [PDF]
  • Ukulele: First Steps 2 [PDF]
  • Ukulele: First Steps 3 [PDF]
  • How Much is that Doggie [PDF]
  • Clementine [PDF]
  • El Condor Pasa [PDF]

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