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 The Pigpipe Press
 Tune of the Week Books
Tune of the Week Book 2
The Gathering Tunebook Volume 2 Published: March 2012Pages: 14Tunes: 20

Tunes in The Tune of the Week Book 2:

  • Jas Soutar of Plains
  • Swedish Schottische
  • The Music o' Spey
  • Song for the Samllpipes
  • Sonatina in G
  • Tigh na Gorm
  • The Lady's Plaything
  • The Tailor's Shirt
  • Reel Eugene
  • Patrick O'Connor's Polkas
  • By Dundas Loch
  • Welcome Christmas Morning
  • New Year's Day
  • Liberton Polka
  • Isaac a-Bell & Hugh the Graham
  • The Marquis of Lorne
  • Strathearn
  • John Clifford's No.1
  • The Ashplant
  • Dr J G Hunter of Aultbea

The Tune of the Week was a feature on my forum The Gathering; I would choose a tune and post it, and people could learn it, play it or discuss it. I stopped it after 100 tunes when I realised that while thousands of people were looking at these posts, almost nobody commented. Oh well... Each tune is in clear notation with guitar chords, and each book is in PDF format.

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