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 Old Time Workshops
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Old Time is really just American folk music of a type which is sometimes called "Hillbilly Music" or "String Band Music", and predates Bluegrass. I have had a great love for this music for many years, and used to perform in an Old-Time group based in Edinburgh, Clutching At Straws (see them play in 1998!).

I have conducted a few old time workshops over the years, including my annual Old Time in Fife all-day workshop and session. The workshops particularly suit stringed instruments such as fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, etc. I usually provide music in various formats before the workshop so that those who prefer to have gone through the material in advance may do so.

For a fuller explanation of old time music, see this page. Click on the links below to access photos and music from previous Old Time Workshops workshops:

Nigel Gatherer's Music Workshops
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