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Morning Mixed Instrument
Location Gorgie Dalry Ch
Day/Time Wed, 10-12
Latest update 24 May '24 1pm

In a mixed instrument class, participants learn tunes and collaborate on arranging the tunes in an exciting way. It's less about the individual and more about learning to play with other instruments and being creative in an ensemble. During the course we'll be learning tunes and exploring arrangements, with the possibility of performance at a later date.

Booking is through the Scots Music Group web site. If you have any problems, let me know.

This is a "hybrid" class, meaning that the class will be conducted at Gorgie/Dalry church hall, but people will also have the opportunity to join online using Zoom. You may use the button below to join.

Attending the Class
 Join Class
Meeting ID:  868 5614 1426
Passcode:  SMG-MMix

Class Schedule
     Term C (Apr - Jun 2024)
17/4 C1 Dunfermline Abbey/ Dunfermline Races
Josephine Mason of Kinross/ Kinross Reel
strathspey & reel
strathspey & reel
24/4 C2 Bonnie Glenfarg slow air
1/5 C3 Amy Geddes's Day:
The Parish o' Dunkeld
Farewell to the Tay
8/5 C4 Auld Rattray
Milton of Rattray
15/5 C5 The Pass of Killiecrankie
The Lass of Killiecrankie
slow air
22/5 -- No class
29/5 C6
5/6 C7
Come By the Hills • East Parkside
Leezie Lindsay • Salmon Tails

Music for the above tunes can be accessed
from the
End of an Era page.
12/6 C8 End of an Era
Previous Terms:
     Term B (Jan - Mar 2024)
10/1 B1 The Sound of Mull/Bonaparte's Retreat
Bennachie Sunrise/Back o' Bennachie
Gaelic waltz/old time
air/song air
17/1 B2 Pentland Hills
Theme for the Early Days
slow air
slow air
24/1 B3 Slogans and Faith
Dewar's Dream
slow air
slow air
31/1 B4 The Peat Fire Flame
The Road to the Isles
slow air
slow air
7/2 B5 Music Hall Medley 1 misc
14/2 -- Holiday
21/2 B6 Dunfermline Abbey
Dunfermline Races
28/2 B7 Josephine Mason of Kinross
The Kinross Reel
6/3 B8 Jack Weir's Day
13/3 B9 Rehearsal
20/3 B10 Concert
27/3 -- Holiday
3/4 -- Holiday
10/4 -- Holiday
     Term A (Sep - Dec 2023)
13/9 A1 Bennachie Sunrise
The Back o' Bennachie
slow air
song air
20/9 A2 The Sound of Mull Gaelic waltz
27/9 A3 Cenneag Mhor
Fear a Figue
4/10 A4 Pentland Hills air
11/10 -- Class cancelled (Covid-19)
18/10 -- Holiday
25/10 A4 Bonaparte's Retreat American old time
1/11 A6 Early Days of a Better Nation slow air
8/11 A7 Thomas Leixlip the Proud Irish air
15/11 A8 Brian Boru's March Irish march
22/11 A9 The Maid on the Green
The Tenpenny Bit
Irish jig
Irish jig
29/11 A10 Slogans and Faith slow air
6/12 A11 Dewar's Dream
Pentland Hills
Early Days of a Better Nation
Bonaparte's Retreat
Bennachie Sunrise
The Sound of Mull
slow air
slow air
slow air
Gaelic waltz
13/12 A12 Ding Dong Merrily On High
Silent Night
20/12 -- Holiday
27/12 -- Holiday
3/1 -- Holiday
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