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Slow Session Class
Location Online
Day/Time Wed, 6.45-8.15
Latest update 4 Jun '24 1pm

The SMG Slow Session Class was started by me in 1998. The main idea was to build up a repertoire and learn to play with other people. The classroom activities are learning tunes, compiling sets, and music is played.

I seek out suitable tunes for the class course, and each year a possible list of new tunes is proposed and worked through. Use the schedule below to find out what tunes we're looking at in each class.

 Join Class
Meeting ID:  951 9898 5207
Passcode:  SMG-SlowS

After the class, I run an online session to which everyone is invited (full details). It runs from 8.20-9.20pm. If you have any problems, let me know.

Class Schedule
     Term C (Apr - Jun 2024)
17/4 C1 Union Street Session reel
24/4 C2 Scotsman Over the Border
The Piper's Chair
Irish Jig
Irish jig
1/5 C3 Waltzing with You American waltz
8/5 C4 The Lounge Bar Swedish jig
15/5 C5 Mary Thorburn Cunningham
Blackwell Court
slow air
22/5 -- No class
29/5 C6 The Fairies Hornpipe
Delahunty's Hornpipe
5/6 C7 The Balkan Hills march
12/6 C8 End of an Era
Previous Terms:
     Term B (Jan - Mar 2024)
10/1 B1 Cullen Bay march
17/1 B2 The Old Polka
Peter Pratt's Polka
Orcadian polkas
24/1 B3 Horsburgh Castle march
31/1 B4 Empty Wallet Waltz world music
7/2 B5 The Ross Memorial Hospital slow air
14/2 -- Holiday
21/2 B6 The Brolum pipe reel
28/2 B7 The Redesdale Hornpipe Northumbrian hornpipe
6/3 B8 Lindisfarne slow air
13/3 B9 Fires At Midnight slow air
20/3 B10 Camasunary
Clach nan Tarbh
slow air
slow air
27/3 -- Holiday
3/4 -- Holiday
     Term A (Aug - Oct 2023)
13/9 A1 Balchraggan march
20/9 A2 Mrs Jamieson's Favourite slow air
27/9 A3 Maggie Watson's Farewell polka
4/10 A4 Ness Bothan
Robbie the Sheep Shearer
11/10 -- Class cancelled (Covid-19)
18/10 -- Holiday
25/10 A5 The Duck pipe jig
1/11 A6 Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban pipe march
8/11 A7 Spanish Lady
Leather Away the Wattle O't
Irish polka
Irish polka
15/11 A8 The Blackthorn Stick Irish jig
22/11 A9 Donnybrook Fair Irish jig
29/11 A10 Lord Inchiquin Carolan
6/12 A11 The Cup of Tea Irish jig
13/12 A12 Theme for the Early Days...
Shingly Beach
slow airs
20/12 -- Holiday
27/12 -- Holiday
3/1 -- Holiday

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