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Slow Session Class
Location Online
Day/Time Wed, 6.45-8.15
Latest update 23 May '23 11am

The SMG Slow Session Class was started by me in 1998. The main idea was to build up a repertoire and learn to play with other people. The classroom activities are learning tunes, compiling sets, and music is played.

I seek out suitable tunes for the class course, and each year a possible list of new tunes is proposed and worked through. Use the schedule below to find out what tunes we're looking at in each class.

This class is going to remain onlinefor the foreseeable future. Use the button below to join.

Attending the Class
 Join Class
Meeting ID:  951 9898 5207
Passcode:  SMG-SlowS

After the class, I run an online session to which everyone is invited (full details). It runs from 8.20-9.20pm. If you have any problems, let me know.

Term C (Apr - Jun 2023)
Date Tunes Info
26/4 C1 Jigs 1 & 2
Lads o' Dunse
3/5 C2 Ask My Father
Pat Ward's Jig
Irish jig
Irish jig
10/5 C3 Merrily Kissed the Quaker Irish slide
17/5 C4 Up wi' Eli Eli
Brose and Butter
9/8 jig
9/8 jig
24/5 C5 Fisher's Hornpipe hornpipe
31/5 C6 The Kirks hornpipe
7/6 C7
14/6 C8
Term B (Jan - Mar 2023)
Date Tunes Info
11/1 B1 The Burning of the Piper's Hut
The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
18/1 B2 Wi' a Hundred Pipers
Drummond Castle
25/1 B3 Major Graham of Inchbraikie
Ca' the Yowes
Hey Johnny Cope
Burns tunes
1/2 B4 Young Jane
Older and Wiser?
English waltz
8/2 B5 The Love o' the Isles
15/2 -- Mid term - no class
22/2 B6 Jacky Tar hornpipe
1/3 B7 Merch Megan
Dawns Y Pystyll
Welsh tunes
8/3 B8 Johnny Will You Marry Me
Welcome, Charlie Stewart
15/3 B9 Recap all tunes
22/3 B10
Term A (Sep - Dec 2022)
Date Tunes Info
14/9 A1 The Barrowburn Reel
Walking On the Moon
21/9 A2 The Brisk Young Lad
Bannocks o' Barley Meal
28/9 A3 A A Cameron's Strathspey
A Cup of Tea
5/10 A4 Auld Graden Kirn
I'm Not Fed Up with the Pacific Ocean
12/10 A5 Duncan Davidson
Glen Ogle
19/10 -- Mid term - no class
26/10 A6 When Summer Ends
2/11 A7 Humours of Tulla
O'Connell's Trip to Parliament
9/11 A8 If I Had Maggie in the Woods
Tralee Gaol
16/11 A9 A Fig for a Kiss
Another Jig will Do
23/11 A10 Inisheer
30/11 A11 Morrison's Jig
The Butterfly
7/12 A12

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