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Nigel Gatherer's Music Events
 Nigel Gatherer's Music Events
 The "On This Day" Collection
Date Tunes Event
13th January The Broomielaw/The New Bridge of Glasgow The Death of St Kentigern, patron saint of Glasgow, 612.
19th January The Steamboat/The Anchor Steam Reel The Birth of James Watt, engineer, 1736.
26th January Back Peddling Mudguard/The Bell Death of Kirkpatrick Mac-Millan, bicycle inventor, 1838.
2nd February Montrose The Battle of Inverlochy (north of Fort William), 1645.
5th February S S Politician/Whisky Galore The wreck of the S S Politician near Eriskay in 1941.
9th February The Country Farmer/The Farmer's Daughter Formation of the Highland & Agriculture Society, 1784.
11th February Dunkeld Hermitage Bridge/North Bridge of Edinburgh/Pease Bridge The abolition of toll bridges in Scotland, 2008.
23rd February King Robert the Bruce Declaration in favour of King Robert the Bruce, 1310.
2nd March The Banks o' Clyde The founding of the Clydesdale Bank, 1838.
9th March William's Ghost/The Cock Laird The murder of David Rizzio in Edinburgh, 1566.
17th March St Patrick was a Gentleman/St Patrick's Reel The birth of St Patrick in Dumbarton, circa 389 AD.
27th March The Thistle and the Rose The successession of James IV to the throne of England, 1603.
6th April The Declaration of Arbroath The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320.
11th September Abbey Craig March/Stirling Castle Polka The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297.
18th September O'Connell's Trip to Parliament/Parnell and Ireland The Irish Home Rule Bill, 1914.
27th September The Innocent Railway/The Disused Railway Scotland's first passenger railway, 1837.
2nd October Around the World for Sport/All Around the World Phineas Fogg sets off around the world in 80 days, 1872.
9th October The Surgeon's Triumph/Billy the Barber Shaved his Father Royal Charter given to Barber Surgeons of Edinburgh, 1506.
23rd October Three French Bourrées Auld Alliance treaty between Scotland and France, 1295.
23rd October Polkinette/Fil et Bobine Treaty between King John Balliol of Scotland and King Philippe of France, 1295.
31st October The Halloween Jig/Tam O'Shanter Halloween.
13th November The Battle of Sheriffmuir The Battle of Sheriffmuir, 1715.

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