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NG's Mandolin School
Intermediate Mandolin
Location Online
Day/Time Tues 7.55-9pm
Latest update 22 May 2023 5pm

This is an online adult evening class in Intermediate Mandolin. Participants should know the basics of the mandolin and have been learning for at least a couple of years. During the course we'll be further developing the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, increasing our repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

    The fee for the eight-week term is £46.00, or £65.00 for two classes. You can use the button below to pay, or for alternative ways of paying, visit this page.

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Meeting ID   926 6729 9317
Password   mandolin
Term C (Apr - Jun 2023)
Date Tunes Info
25/4 C1 The Highland Watch's Farewell to Ireland
Farewell to Ireland
Irish reel
2/5 C2 Georgiana Moon
Waltz of Happiness
American waltz
Canadian waltz
9/5 C3 Bodins C-durpolska
Polska efter Båtsman Däck
Swedish polska
Swedish polska
16/5 C4 Sweet Georgia Brown jazz
23/5 C5 Prince's Strand slow reel
30/5 C6 The Plains of Boyle
Cronin's Hornpipe
Irish hornpipe
Irish hornpipe
6/6 C7 The Last March
Molly Rankin's
Cape Breton march
Cape Breton reel
13/6 C8
Term B (Jan - Mar 2023)
Date Tunes Info
10/1 B1 Yer A Kent
Break Yer Bass Drone
pipe reels
17/1 B2 Hommage till en Spelman
Gånglåt från Äppelbo
Swedish tunes
24/1 B3 The Volunteers' March march
31/1 B4 Night In That Land slow air
7/2 B5 Drunk At Night, Dry in the Morning air
21/2 B6 Jacqueline's Waltz waltz
28/2 B7 Ragtime Annie old time
7/3 B8 Twelfth Street Rag ragtime
14/3 B9 English Dance medieval
21/3 B10 Eric and Sarah's
Brindisi (Verdi)
Term A (Sep - Dec 2022)
Date Tunes Info
13/9 A1 Alex MacArthur of Biggar
Yvonne Murray
20/9 A2 Andy's Saltire
The Road to Banff
27/9 A3 Beaumont Rag
Muskrat Ramble
4/10 A4 Swedish Schottische
The Isle of Capri
11/10 A5 Mrs Scott Skinner slow air
18/10 -- Mid term - no class
25/10 A6 The Braes of Auchtertyre
Caber Feidh
1/11 A7 Belles of Tipperary
The New Copperplate
Irish reels
8/11 A8 Scotsman Over the Border
The Piper's Chair
Irish jigs
15/11 A9 Flaherty's Hornpipe
The Fairies Hornpipe
Irish hornpipes
22/11 A10 Patrick O'Connor's Polka No.1
Patrick O'Connor's Polka No.2
Irish polkas
29/11 A11 The Air Tune
Ned of the Hill
Irish airs
6/12 A12 Recap

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